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Miguel Hiromoto - Founder of

1. Mission and Vision

Every day, more than 500 people seek help to find their lost pet. 

Our mission is to solve this need by offering a fast and effective search method.

On the other hand, our vision is to expand our reach and find lost pets on every continent.

2. Team

The person in charge of finding lost pets is called Miguel Hiromoto, and he does it using advanced online advertising techniques.

Miguel is qualified to achieve excellent results, he graduated from the University of Barcelona and has 5 years of experience running online advertising. He worked as an online advertising consultant at Google and regional online advertising manager at Huawei.

You can check his credentials by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

The rest of our team is specialized in other areas such as strategy, web development and customer service.

3. Responsibility is legally represented by Miguel Hiromoto, who holds the figure of self-employed and has unlimited liability.

– Tax identification number: 133/5130/3157

– VAT number: DE359191923

We are committed to offer maximum transparency and honesty to our clients. So you can always talk to us by doing click here. 

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