Lost Pet in Ashburn?

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How it works:

1. Fill the form

We’ll immediately:

– Create an online-friendly poster for you.

– Know in which area you want us to spread the word.

Poster of a lost dog created by Rescota

2. Select how many neighbors to alert

We achieve this through paid geo-targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

3. Get contacted as soon as there is a sighting.

When someone recognizes your pet, you’ll be contacted to pick him/her up.

The guy and his wife call the owner of the cat to tell her they have it.

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We've found more than 583 pets with Digital Advertising in 2023
On average 85% of our users find their pet

How did Rescota start?

Miguel Hiromoto – Responsable for Rescota

The struggle of locating a lost pet is something I’ve experienced personally. Placing numerous missing pet flyers around the area frequently doesn’t yield results.

Motivated to find an alternative, I experimented with multiple strategies. Once I successfully located a lost pet using Facebook/Instagram ads, I realized this method could aid many more people.

With this in mind, I developed a user-friendly website, which marked the beginning of Rescota.❞

Frequently Asked Questions.

Rescota.com uses Facebook and Instagram ads to quickly display the missing pet ad to your neighbors and thousands of others who live near you.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram advertising is not free, so it is part of the price we charge.

You can see the prices when you create a search. The price of the search depends on how many people you want to reach.

The smallest package reaches 5,000 neighbors in a small radius.

Once the payment is completed, the ad will be quickly published on Facebook and Instagram. We also immediately initiate the request to broadcast with advertising to your neighbors.

The search will not stop until your pet is safely home or unless you stop it yourself.

When the chosen number of views have been delivered through paid advertising, we stop paying Facebook/Instagram to reach additional neighbors.

You can later expand the search with a broader reach.

We handle all your data securely, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.